To know the joy of imagining moisture in life through trees.

Aiming to be a 100-year company

My father worked as a Wood carpenter, so I have been exposed to the warmth, softness, and kindness of wood since I was a child. Needless to say, by joining Asahi Wood Processing Co., Ltd. and being involved in the manufacture and sale of wooden furniture, I was convinced that I could experience the potential of "wood" even more and give people's lives peace of mind and comfort. Furthermore, in order to make furniture globally, we look overseas and come into contact with various people and cultures to reconsider the culture of Japan, and develop furniture and products based on Scandinavian design by fusing each excellent point.
In recent years, various things and things have become digital. While this encourages the improvement of convenience in life, I think there are many people who are worried about the speed of it. Nowadays, we often hear the term "new normal", and it is becoming normal. The Asahi Wood Processing Co., Ltd. Group will continue to propose a comfortable and natural living environment that is close to the feelings of each customer, centering on wooden furniture in any era.

"We want to deliver a warm and prosperous life to you"
The Asahi Wood Processing Co., Ltd. Group has been in business for 55 years. With your guidance and support, we would like to aim to be a 100-year company, so we ask for your continued patronage.