AMLYS' Commitment

Just as people's lives are different, no two trees are the same.
Reading the different expressions of each tree, we carefully creates it into the shape of furniture. The result of repeated handwork is a design that harmonizes sophistication and beauty. Comfortable time spend at home will enrich your life. The furniture to be close to people for a long time.
Light that illuminates the living room and dining room in your own way.
That is AMLYS.

Designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

With a love for the Scandinavian design tradition and a starting point in a bright and light design universe, creates furniture designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen furniture corresponding need. He explores the material's potential and challenges the technology behind the production, in an effort to develop furniture with an evident and simplw expressions. Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, who both trained cabinet maker and furniture designer, work combines sketching and model workshop, to constantly optimize the final form and to ensure optimum performance. Innovation and aesthetics are equal values and the objective is always to end up with a piece of furniture that appears in its entire own right.

Born in 1963. He is also a pro-Japanese person with many careers in Japan.
After returning to Japan, he worked in the studio of the late Nanna Ditzel. Among Denmark's young industrial desginers, he is particularly talented and uncompromising craftmanship, and is currently engaged in industrial design for leading manufacturers in Scandinavia.

Bringing European aestetics to homes.

Furniture that never fades, furniture that becomes more attached as time goes by, is the standard for furniture making Asahi wood processing. In addition to responding to the market, we have also actively collaborated with top European brands with a long history to evolve furniture making by meeting strict demands. For those who seek authenticity, real furniture.

Environmental Initiatives

natural oil finish that does not interfere with wood breating.
For the wood coating of our main products, we use natural oil paint that does not form a hard coating film on the surface. The reason for this is to keep the wood that is the material alive as a tree. Natural-based oils do not interfere with the breathing of wood and can preserve the original beauty and texture of wood.


Initiatives for F☆☆☆☆
Formaldehyde is said to be one of the causes of sick building, and as a countermeasure, we use F☆☆☆☆ certified materials in our main series that minimize formaldehyde emission value.